Introduction to website hosting…

What is hosting and which web hosting company should I choose?

Simply, hosting is a service that provides space where websites and files may be accessed on the internet.  A web hosting company is kind of like a landlord that rents space.  This space lies within a high-powered computer, also known as a server, which connects to the world wide web.

SiteBuilder123 offers free hosting for the first year with any new website package.  But if you need hosting services there are a few important factors to keep in mind.  The most important is Support.  Make sure the web hosting company offers 24/7/365 online and phone support.  A solid support system will help to resolve any problems fast and efficiently.  Reliability is another factor, if the web hosting computer shuts down, your website will as well.  Bandwidth is the amount of traffic between your website and the world wide web.  If the hosting service does not offer you enough bandwidth, or if the traffic visiting your website exceeds the amount of bandwith available, your website will shut down.

We refer our clients and colleagues to Fatcow Web Hosting because we’ve had a more than satisfactory experience doing business with them.  They are one of the larger web hosting companies around.  In 3 years, we’ve not experienced any problems or downtime due to computer failure or excessive bandwidth and their support has been available around the clock and thorough in resolving any issues, including those not relating to web hosting.  They have repeatedly gone outside the scope of their services offered to help us.

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