Making Sense of it All

We hear it everyday – web hosting, domain names, web servers – and though we won’t admit it, we really can’t explain each of these terms adequately without outside help.

I think the best way to understand these terminologies is by way of an analogy. In this case, let’s liken it to putting up a a traditional business, or what we now call a brick and mortar store, as opposed to a virtual store.

The first step in putting up a business is to secure a business name that sticks. You should register this name as a legal entity (ie a Corporation, LLC, etc) or you may register a dba, “doing business as”. For example, ABC Corporation is dba XYZ Services. As long as you maintain your ownership of this name, no one else shall register that same name. Think ‘Starbucks’ or ‘Sears’.

In the virtual world, the equivalent of this is the ‘Domain Name’. You can purchase and register your domain name from any of the hundreds of resellers online, and they’ll take care of registering it with the Internic (the online equivalent of SEC). Your domain name is your identity on the Web. It can be your company name, as in “”, or a descriptive name like “”. The only limitation is your creativity.

Going back to our Brick and Mortar analogy, your next step in putting up a business would be to look for a suitable store or shop, with an address. In the virtual world, after getting a domain name, you would need to look for a web host. In a nutshell, a web host is a server that is connected to the Internet via a high-bandwidth connection. Now, instead of just a blank page, you’ll get something like “This is the future home of”

Of course, a store without products in it isn’t going to be very attractive. You need to dress up your showroom to entice people to come in an browse through your products. The virtual equivalent of this is the website. A website is like a company brochure or catalog that people can view anytime, wherever they are. In today’s competitive market, having a well-designed and informative website spells the difference between getting the sale or losing it to a competitor. Most shoppers nowadays make it a point to look at a company’s website or compare products online before they go to any store. Would you let a high school graduate manage your multi-million dollar ad campaign? Of course not! It is hard to understand why many people still try to build their own websites or let their young nephew experiment with their business website. My advise is to leave it to the professionals! Building your own website (if you’re not properly trained) is very much like self-medication. And we all know that’s not good.

So there you have it – “Domains, Hosts, and Websites” in the virtual world, is just like your “Business name, store address, and showroom” in the real world. As simple as 1-2-3!

If you need help with securing or choosing a domain name, finding a suitable host or building a new website for your company, contact! We have the experience and talent to turn your plans into reality!

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